We develop new approaches to better understand, assess and predict human factors in organizations and societies.

We provide thought leadership, consulting, keynotes, and publications.

We are passionate about places where humans can thrive. We believe that complex systems like humans, organizations and societies call for system theoretical approaches that go well beyond linear analytical thinking.

Our work is based on one of the most innovative system theories from academic personality psychology that we apply at an institutional and societal level: Personality Systems Interactions Theory (PSI theory, Prof. Julius Kuhl, 2001), to date widely unknown in the business world.


We work with Think Tanks, public policy, regulators, boards, directors, and assurance functions.

Our concepts and approaches are unique. We are not aware of any other researchers who work with PSI theory in a similar way.


Barbara is an Attorney-at-law, Certified Internal Auditor and qualified PSI Expert who is evolving the way how human factors and conduct risks are evaluated.

An author, academic and thought leader, she aims to inspire an approach that leverages the explanatory and predictive value of one of the most innovative system theories from academic personality psychology at a corporate and societal levels.

She lives in Switzerland, and spends her time creating value for her global and local clients who often work in public policy, sharing knowledge with analytical minds interested in placing humans back at the heart of organizations and societies, and is sometimes still working as an attorney-at-law.

As a conduct risk evangelist Barbara has spoken at various internal audit conferences in Europe, and has been invited to internal audit podcasts.


Her network of academics and practitioners includes Prof. Emeritus Julius Kuhl, founder of PSI theory and an internationally renowned representative in the field of academic psychology.

"The differentiation between content of thinking (WHAT humans think) and forms of thinking (HOW humans think) is at the heart of our concepts and approaches."

Barbara Siegenthaler, Founder & Managing Director Savanteon

Agile Mindset

Key terms of the agile manifesto are individuals & interactions, customer collaboration, responding to change, with an overall focus on working software. The agile manifesto expresses a preference for one specific form of thinking. The agile mindset is a key feature of a mature organizational personality. Requires mature individuals --> Refer to Organizational Maturity.

Corporate Culture

The organization's aggregated personality profile, at a macro and/or micro levels, resulting from its preferred forms of thinking that have strenghts and limitations. The focus of this definition is on forms of thinking, impartial to content of thinking such as knowledge and experience.

Digital Mindset

The digital world needs new thinking. The focus is on teams, networks, speed, and a creative, authentic, and inspiring communication. The digitalization's operating system is agile. --> Refer to Agile Mindset.
A prerequisite for --> Innovation Capability. Requires diversity in content AND forms of thinking. 

Innovation Capability

The organization's overall capability to synthesize new things, based on up-to-date knowledge, experience, and data. Requires persistence in the face of fear; openness & transparency towards the human capital; a type of discipline that reinforces creativity; as well as implementation strength. Requires diversity, both regarding content and forms of thinking --> Refer to Diversity.

Organizational Maturity

Similar to a mature individual, a mature organizational personality can recruit forms of thinking that are optimally suited to perform the different tasks it encounters. Includes the key features: Learning from new experiences & mistakes, and implementing goals & intentions. 


The generation born between 1983 & 1994 has a preference for the super-conscious parallel processing networks of complex intuition. This is directly related to how Millenials would like to see "their" company: Multicultural, open, flexible and socially committed. ​

We make
unseen patterns

in existing information

Our work makes unseen human thinking and behavior patterns in existing information visible. 


Our insights are supported by analytical evidence, and communicated in a transparent, respectful, and resource and development oriented way.


We work with other think tanks, public policy, regulators, boards, directors and managers, and assurance functions. We strive for ongoing relationships with clients who share our values and ethics.

Thought Leadership.
To kiss traditional approaches goodbye.

We develop and promote globally unique concepts and approaches to evaluate human factors in organizations and societies. The differentiation between what and how humans think is at the heart of our methodologies. We are experts in recognizing and evaluating human thinking and behavior preferences in existing information, and in translating their meaning into a language our clients can understand. 

All our methodologies leverage the explanatory and predictive value of one of the most innovative system theories from academic personality psychology.


Framework to Evaluate the Organization's Innovation Capability (2021). Predicting innovation. The Organizational Personality TOP Framework (2020). A new management approach. Personality-based Internal Auditing PBA® (2019). Predictive conduct risk assurance.

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Consulting Services.
For analytical minds who seek practical advice.


We place our interdisciplinary expertise at the service of private and public institutions. We act as sparring partners. We provide second opinions. We reinforce evaluation teams. We provide additional insights by analyzing your information from a new angle. Our advice is practical and hands-on. For change that has impact.

There is nothing so practical than a good theory: PSI as an innovative and academic system theory provides stellar output when applied at institutional and societal levels.


Our approach is fast, elegant, and cost-effective. It is predictive and embraces foresight in the near future. And it is similar to a multifunctional tool that can be used to evaluate a variety of topics at a micro- or macro level, resulting in comparability.


Work examples: Hallmarks of future-proof organizations. Promoting government grants. Evaluating corporate culture. Leadership styles and their strengths and limitations. Predicting the organization's innovation capability. Predictive conduct risk assurance by the second and third line of defense.


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For businesses & societies where humans can thrive.


We offer research reporting for in-house seminars and national and international conferences. We talk about the hallmarks of future-proof organizations and societies, innovation, culture, conduct risks, ethics, and subjectivity. 

Audit Reports - Love Letters to Top Management? ERFA Group CIA, New Ways of Audit Reporting, Zurich, Switzerland, 29 September 2021. 

Auditing Beyond Barriers - Thinking One Step Further to Improve Quality. Joint keynote with A. Pixa, Internal Audit Stadtsparkasse Düsseldorf, Quality Management conference, IIA Germany (DIIR). 2021.​​

Organization Personality? Two virtual events, TheDesk in HongKong, www.thedesk.com.hk. 2020.

A Personality Psychological Look at the IIA Code of Ethics. ERFA Group CIA, Switzerland, 2019.​​

Evaluating the Organization's Innovation Capability - Internal Audit as Unusual. CIA  Conference, IIA Germany (DIIR), Germany, 2019.


Handling Complexity: Holistic Thinking & Evaluation Models as a New Tool in Internal Audit. EXPERT SUISSE, a Swiss specialist association for Auditing, Taxes, and Fiduciary, Switzerland, 2018.​

Unlock Your Organization's Secret Brainwaves. Keynote and roundtable discussion, Chief Audit Executive Roundtable Nordic, Estonia, 2018.​

A Function Analytical Approach to Evaluating Organizational Culture. "Internal Audit After Work", IIA Switzerland, 2018.

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Intelligence having fun.

In 2021, we started to publish our research in peer-reviewed journals of global publishing houses. We are currently working on new academic articles including TOP Framework case studies.

Evaluating the Organization’s Innovation Capability: A New Guiding Methodology (2021). Published in Taylor & Francis' peer-reviewed EDPACS Journal.

Podcast Interview (2020) "Jamming with Jason" by Jason Mefford, Rock Star - Internal Audit, Risk Management and Compliance, www.jasonmefford.com.

Podcast Interview (2020) "Interne Revision -  Souverän, Kollegial, Wirksam" by Silvia Puhani, www.puhani.com.

Personality-based Internal Auditing PBA® (2019). Predictive conduct risk assurance.


Function Analytical Approach to Evaluating Organizational Culture (2018). Published in Expert Focus 10/2018, a Swiss journal for auditing, taxes, and fiduciary.


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Think Tank for Human Centered Organizations and Societies


Zurich, Switzerland

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